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      Ajeet kaur Concert and Workshop October 2nd

      I invite you to a wonderful day of live mantra music and meditation. Ajeet Kaur will be in our community to share her music October 2nd.

      Ajeet's new release - Haseya - (which means to “rise up” or “she rises”) is deeply integrated with the rhythms of nature, the wisdom of our ancestors and an awakening of healing space, unlike any other music from the wealth of kundalini yoga inspired recordings. 

      With attention towards the emergence of the sacred feminine and indigenous cultures, Haseya is a journey with sound to heal with the earth. Produced by Maneesh de Moor and bringing together musicians such as Trevor Hall, Peia, Vieux Aliou Cissokho of Senegal, Inkayko of Ecuador, John deKadt, Sukhmani Kaur Rayat, Landis, Ram Dass Khalsa and Sarah Siri Kirtan, this music is an invitation to bring peace to our minds, hearts and our world. 

      Tickets for 

      Victoria Church of Truth Sunday October 2nd.  http://www.islandkundalini.org/blog  


      $30 Workshop    $40 Concert      $60 Concert/workshop combined 

      You are invited to bring a potluck dish to share and spend extra time between performances enjoying a meal in the company of the band in Victoria

      Contact Alanda at SookeYoga@hotmail.com if you have further questions 



      Sound Therapy with Tracy Waters Sept 23

      Friday evening Sound Therapy with Tracy Waters  - September 23rd.

      Crystal Singing Bowls, Kochi chimes and the Ancient Gong lead to a relaxing of the mind and a healing for the nervous system.

      Join Tracy Waters for healing Journey in Sound



      Tantric Numerology Workshop 11:30 -1pm

      Discover the hidden informational keys to your life via tantric numerology. A system of numerology that uses your particular birthdate to give you insight about your soul, your destiny and your path in this lifetime.

      Knowing the information found in your tantric numerology can help you over come life challenges with a wider perspective, it can enhance your journey on your life's path by giving you insight about what you are meant to be doing in this lifetime. And it can help you understand how others see you while helping you to discern if you are truly making use of your life's gifts.

       at Sooke Yoga




      Amy Nold Workshop

      Sooke Yoga Welcomes Back Amy Nold!

      Deepen Your Yoga Practice from the Inside Out
      This workshop will explore the Seven Moving Principles as outlined by international teacher trainer Donna Farhi in her book Yoga Mind, Body and Spirit. These movements principles stem from Developmental Movement, the movements that are genetically programmed to develop sequentially from conception onward  through to walking, or pre-vertebrate to vertebrate weight bearing. We will explore consciously embodying these movement principles and how we can integrate them into our Yoga practice of any style to bring more vitality and deep integration into our practice. 
      Amy Nold has been practicing yoga since 1975, and teaching since 1996, since training at Kriplau Centre for Yoga and Health. In 2000, she did Donna Farhi's first Advanced Yoga studies teacher training in Canada, based on her teachings in Yoga Mind, Body and Spirit, which opened new horizons for exploring and deepening practice from the inside out. 
      Investment  $50 
      Door price $60




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